Emergency Lighting Installation in Toronto, ON

When the lights go out, you need something bright to light your way. Epic Fire Protection in Toronto ON installs emergency exit signs and lights that illuminate the paths for safe escape. Emergency lighting and exits are important for the safety of building occupants during a fire, power outage, or another emergency.

In addition to offering advanced products and installation services, we also provide maintenance and troubleshooting for your units. From changing batteries and bulbs to repairing damages, we ensure that your emergency lights are working properly.

Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Have your emergency lights been growing dimmer? You may need to replace the bulbs. In fact, provincial fire codes and local fire marshals have established certain standards for emergency lighting maintenance. Don’t wait until it’s too late to ensure your emergency exit signs and lights are fully functional. Instead, depend on Epic Fire Protection for regular maintenance. A few of the products we maintain and install include:

  • Special Application & Batteries
  • UPS & Stationary Power Systems
  • Maintenance-Free Motive Power Systems
  • Emergency & Signal Lighting Equipment
  • Medical Equipment & Security-Fire Alarm Systems

The Importance of Illuminated Emergency Exit Signs

In the event of a fire or emergency, it’s important that you have brightly illuminated emergency exit signs in your building. This is ensures quick and safe passage from the area. Keep the lights burning brightly by using new batteries. The power demanded required for today’s DC power applications.

At the same time, we provide batteries that are fully compatible with other battery models that are used in today’s popular applications. Most importantly, these advanced and sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries are affordable as well. If you want the brightest and most reliable lighting for your emergency exits, Epic Fire will provide excellent choices.

Contact our fire protection company for emergency lighting that ensures the safe exit of your building’s occupants. We proudly serve customers in Vaughan, Woodbridge, Toronto, and the surrounding areas.