Fire Extinguishers in Toronto, ON

Be prepared for any fire by depending on us for fire extinguisher maintenance. The skilled technicians at Epic Fire Protection in Toronto ON inspect, service, and sell all types of fire extinguishers. In fact, fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance is one of our areas of expertise. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, we can equip you with the ideal extinguisher for your needs. There are five types of fire extinguishers available:

Class A – Fires Caused by Ordinary Materials, Such as Wood, Paper, & Most Plastics
Class B – Fires Caused by Grease, Oil, Gasoline, & Kerosene
Class C – Fires Involving Electrical Equipment, Such as Wiring & Appliances
Class D – Fires Found in Chemical Laboratories
Class K – Fires Involving Cooking Oils, Typically in Kitchens & Restaurants

Certified Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Reduce the risk of damage to your building and possessions by scheduling regular fire extinguisher inspection services. Our complete inspection process ensures your equipment is fully certified as required under the provincial fire code. All businesses in Ontario are required by law to have their portable fire extinguishers inspected monthly and yearly.

Whether you are a private or commercial customer, any dry chemical extinguisher needs to be disassembled and internally inspected each year. Other types of fire extinguishers are subject to different periodic maintenance. Some of the other services we provide include:

  • Fire Extinguisher Refill & Recharge
  • Fire Extinguisher Repair
  • High And Low Pressure Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic Testing & Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Epic Fire Protection has a ULC-certified extinguisher facility where we provide six-year maintenance and hydrostatic pressure testing of fire extinguisher cylinders. Our goal is to ensure you’re ready for any fire with a fully operation fire extinguisher.

Contact our fire protection company to recharge your Class A or Class K fire extinguisher. We proudly serve customers in Vaughan, Woodbridge, Toronto, and the surrounding areas.